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"Gao Baixiong (高佩雄) (b. 1957)"

Dear Oleg,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for you complete expertise on painting by Gao Bai Xiong, thanks to your professional research and estimation, my painting was approved by Hong Tai Yang International Auction House and will be presented in coming Hong Kong auction this fall with 89% of sale potential, which would be impossible without expertise documents and recommendation from your company Art Antique Research Co.,Ltd.

I would like also thank you Maxim for his timely response and great attitude within my expertise.

In addition I have successfully singed an agreement with amount of 1 080 000 HKD (138 400 USD) and transfer the painting for storage and preparation in Auction office. Its been already placed in their website and will be printed in preauction catalogue (http://htygj.net/jpxs/zihua/2017/1024/6565.html)

I also attached an estimation list and details of my item with auction registration number.

I would like to share my gratitude with you and will keep you updated on auction result.

Your help and support are much appreciated.


Kind Regards,